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Mini Dreamy Wooden House

Mini Dreamy Wooden House

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The 5 In 1 Wooden Pink House Shape Cognitive Baby Toys Montessori Educational Toy is not only a source of entertainment but also a valuable tool for early childhood development. It encourages cognitive skills, fine motor development, shape and color recognition, and mathematical understanding. Give your child the gift of learning through play with this delightful educational toy.

  1. Shape Sorting: The toy features various colorful wooden shapes that can be sorted and matched to their corresponding slots on the house. This activity helps develop your child's hand-eye coordination and shape recognition skills.

  2. Color Recognition: Each shape is painted in a vibrant hue, allowing your child to learn and differentiate between different colors. This activity promotes color recognition and enhances visual perception.

  3. Crafted from high-quality wood his toy is safe, durable, and eco-friendly. Its smooth edges and non-toxic paint ensure the utmost safety for your child. The pink house design adds a touch of charm and sweetness, making it an attractive addition to any nursery or playroom.
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